Unveiling the Ultimate Guide: 17 Things to Do in Las Vegas in 2024 (By a Local)

17 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city known for its vibrant entertainment, bustling nightlife, and world-class attractions. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the 17 best things to do in Las Vegas in 2024 that cater to a variety of interests and preferences. One iconic must-see attraction in Las Vegas is the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. 

This iconic landmark is a popular spot for visitors to take photos and capture memories of their trip. Located at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, the sign serves as a symbol of the city’s welcoming spirit and lively atmosphere. 

For those seeking an adrenaline rush and panoramic views of the city, a ride on the High Roller is a must-do experience. As one of the world’s tallest observation wheels, standing at 550 feet tall, passengers can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the famous Las Vegas skyline from climate-controlled cabins. 

Whether you visit during the day or at night when the city lights up, the High Roller offers an unforgettable perspective on Sin City. If you’re looking for a thrill-filled adventure off-strip, consider heading to AREA15. 

This immersive entertainment complex features interactive art installations, virtual reality experiences, eclectic dining options, and live performances that cater to visitors of all ages. From mind-bending exhibits to cutting-edge technology showcases, AREA15 promises a unique and engaging experience that pushes boundaries and sparks creativity. 

List of the best things to do in Las Vegas this year:

Hoover Dam

High Roller

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign


Paris Hotel

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area


Fashion Show Mall

Area 51

Death Valley National Park

The Mirage

Valley of Fire

Zion National Park

Grand Canyon

Tivoli Village

Mandalay Bay

Lake Mead

1. Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam – Las Vegas

The Hoover Dam stands as a magnificent feat of engineering, attracting visitors from around the world to marvel at its sheer size and historical significance. Completed in 1935 during the Great Depression, the dam remains an enduring symbol of American ingenuity and resilience. As you approach this iconic structure, you are greeted by the sight of Lake Mead, its vast reservoir shimmering under the desert sun. 

The visitor center offers informative exhibits detailing the dam’s construction and impact on the region, providing a deeper appreciation for this artificial wonder. Venturing inside the Hoover Dam reveals a labyrinthine network of tunnels and chambers that showcase the inner workings of this hydroelectric power plant. 

The massive generators hum rhythmically as they harness the power of the Colorado River to generate electricity for millions of homes in Nevada, Arizona, and California. Guided tours lead visitors through these cavernous spaces, offering insights into the dam’s role in shaping the landscape and economy of the American Southwest. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, exploring the Hoover Dam area offers a wealth of recreational opportunities amidst stunning desert scenery. Hiking trails wind through rugged terrain dotted with cacti and wildlife, providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas just a short drive away. 

Additionally, Lake Mead beckons with its crystal-clear waters ideal for boating, fishing, or simply relaxing along its sandy shores. Whether you’re interested in history, engineering marvels, or natural beauty, a visit to Hoover Dam promises an unforgettable experience that captures both past triumphs and future possibilities. 

2. High Roller

High Roller, Things to do in Las Vegas

Standing tall as an iconic landmark on the bustling Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller offers visitors a truly unique perspective of the city’s dazzling lights and vibrant energy. As the world’s tallest observation wheel, this colossal structure provides unparalleled views of the surrounding desert landscape and famous Las Vegas skyline. 

Each spacious cabin is equipped with panoramic windows, ensuring that guests have ample opportunities to capture breathtaking photos and create lasting memories. The High Roller experience transcends traditional sightseeing as it combines luxury with an exhilarating journey into the heart of Las Vegas. 

Passengers can enjoy a leisurely 30-minute rotation while sipping on cocktails from the fully stocked bar inside their cabin, adding a touch of sophistication to their aerial adventure. Whether visiting during the day to witness the desert bathed in sunlight or at night when the cityscape comes alive with neon lights, this attraction promises a mesmerizing spectacle that appeals to all ages and interests. 

For those seeking an extra touch of extravagance, private cabins are available for special events or romantic celebrations high above the glittering Las Vegas Strip. Whether embarking on a solo exploration of this bustling metropolis or sharing this experience with loved ones, a ride on the High Roller offers an unparalleled perspective that showcases why it remains one of the top things to do in Las Vegas in 2024. 

3. Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

As visitors drive into the iconic city of Las Vegas, one of the first landmarks they encounter is the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. This iconic sign has become a symbol of the city and a must-see attraction for tourists looking to capture a quintessential Las Vegas experience. Situated at the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard, near the airport, the sign welcomes guests with its bold design and bright lights. 

The sign has been a fixture in Las Vegas since 1959, designed by Betty Willis, and has since become an enduring symbol synonymous with the glitz and glamour of this vibrant city. Visitors flock to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign not only to snap photos but also to soak in the atmosphere and energy that permeates this bustling metropolis. 

The sign serves as a gateway to all the entertainment and excitement that awaits in Las Vegas, beckoning travelers to dive into a world of endless possibilities. Whether it’s families on vacation seeking memorable experiences or solo travelers looking for adventure, everyone can appreciate the significance of this landmark as they begin their journey through Sin City. 

For families visiting Las Vegas in 2024, stopping by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign is an ideal way to kick off their itinerary. It provides an excellent backdrop for capturing family photos that will serve as cherished mementos for years to come. 

Additionally, it offers an opportunity for parents to introduce their children to one of America’s most renowned cities in a fun and engaging manner. As part of free things to do with family in Las Vegas, visiting this iconic sign is not only budget-friendly but also offers a taste of what lies ahead during their stay—excitement, wonderment, and boundless exploration amidst the dazzling lights and vibrant energy that define this dynamic destination between family things you do in las vegas 2024

4. AREA 15

Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, AREA15 is a one-of-a-kind, immersive entertainment complex that offers a unique blend of art, technology, and interactive experiences. This innovative space is designed to stimulate the senses and ignite the imagination of visitors of all ages. As you step into AREA15, you are transported to a surreal world where creativity knows no bounds. 

From cutting-edge art installations to mind-bending virtual reality experiences, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this cultural hub. One standout attraction at AREA15 is Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, an otherworldly supermarket that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. 

Step inside this whimsical wonderland and explore its psychedelic aisles filled with interactive exhibits and hidden surprises around every corner. Immerse yourself in the quirky narrative woven throughout Omega Mart as you uncover its mysteries and secrets. 

This innovative art installation provides a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you questioning what is real and what is imagined. In addition to Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, AREA15 also features a variety of other attractions such as immersive art installations, live performances, unique dining options, and interactive experiences tailored for visitors of all ages. 

Whether you’re seeking thrills on a virtual reality adventure or looking to immerse yourself in captivating visual displays, AREA15 offers an eclectic mix of entertainment that promises to delight and inspire. Step into this vibrant collective space where creativity reigns supreme and prepare to be amazed by the limitless possibilities that await you at every turn. 

5. Paris Hotel

Nestled on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, the Paris Hotel stands out as a top destination for visitors seeking a taste of European charm amidst the glitz and glamour of Sin City. Modeled after the City of Light, this hotel exudes elegance with its intricate architectural details reminiscent of French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. The Paris Hotel offers an array of entertainment options that cater to individuals, couples, and families alike. 

One of the standout attractions at the Paris Hotel is the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck, which provides breathtaking panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline. Visitors can ascend to the observation deck and marvel at the city’s glittering lights spread out below them. 

This experience is perfect for families looking to create lasting memories together or couples seeking a romantic backdrop for a special moment. Additionally, guests can dine at one of the hotel’s fine restaurants offering delectable French cuisine, adding a touch of culinary indulgence to their visit. 

For those interested in shopping, Paris Hotel’s Le Boulevard offers a delightful Parisian-style shopping experience with quaint boutiques selling everything from designer fashion to gourmet treats. Families can explore this charming promenade together, browsing unique souvenirs or enjoying a sweet treat from one of the bakery shops along the way. 

The ambiance created by street performers and artists adds an extra layer of excitement to this shopping excursion. Overall, visiting the Paris Hotel is not just about experiencing luxury; it’s about immersing oneself in a world where French sophistication meets Las Vegas extravagance. 

6. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Nestled just a short drive west of Las Vegas, the stunning Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers a scenic escape from the glitz and glamour of the Strip. This natural wonderland spans over 195,000 acres of crimson-colored rock formations, rugged desert landscapes, and abundant wildlife. 

Visitors can embark on a variety of outdoor adventures in this picturesque setting, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. One of the most popular activities at Red Rock Canyon is hiking along its numerous trails that cater to all skill levels. 

From easy strolls to challenging treks, there is something for everyone to enjoy amidst the towering sandstone cliffs and Joshua trees. For those seeking a more immersive experience, rock climbing is also a favored pastime here, with opportunities for climbers of all abilities to test their skills against the vertical walls that define this unique landscape. 

In addition to hiking and rock climbing, Red Rock Canyon offers excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching. The area is home to a diverse array of plant and animal species, including bighorn sheep, desert tortoises, and countless bird species. 

Nature enthusiasts can spend hours exploring the hidden corners of the conservation area in search of these fascinating creatures while taking in the breathtaking vistas that surround them. Whether you are looking for free things to do with family in Las Vegas or simply seeking solace in nature’s beauty, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area promises an unforgettable experience that showcases the raw splendor of the Mojave Desert just beyond Las Vegas’s glittering skyline. 

7. The STRAT

Nestled at the northern end of the bustling Las Vegas Strip stands The STRAT, a towering icon known for its thrilling attractions and panoramic views of the cityscape. Formerly known as the Stratosphere, this entertainment hotspot offers an array of activities that cater to visitors of all ages and interests. One of the standout features of The STRAT is its observation deck, which sits over 800 feet above ground level and provides unparalleled vistas that stretch across the glittering Las Vegas skyline. 

From this vantage point, visitors can marvel at iconic landmarks such as the Bellagio fountains, the High Roller Ferris wheel, and the neon-lit streets below. For adrenaline junkies seeking an unforgettable experience, The STRAT boasts a collection of heart-pounding thrill rides guaranteed to get hearts racing. 

From X-Scream, a teetering roller coaster that dangles riders over the edge of the tower, to Insanity, a spinning attraction that extends outwards at a gravity-defying angle, these rides offer an exhilarating way to soak in Las Vegas from above. Additionally, those looking for a more leisurely experience can dine at Top of the World restaurant located atop The STRAT’s tower. 

With its revolving dining room providing 360-degree views of Las Vegas and beyond, guests can savor gourmet cuisine while taking in breathtaking sights from every angle. Beyond its adrenaline-fueled attractions and dining options, The STRAT also features a variety of entertainment choices to suit every taste. 

From live music performances at one of its onsite venues to comedy shows that promise hearty laughs, there’s no shortage of ways to keep guests entertained throughout their visit. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends or embarking on a solo adventure in Las Vegas in 2024, The STRAT offers a diverse range of experiences that capture the essence of this vibrant city. 

8. Fashion Show Mall

Fashion Show Mall, located on the Las Vegas Strip, is a premier shopping destination that offers a blend of high-end designer stores, popular retail chains, and unique boutique shops. This expansive mall features over 250 stores spread across 2 million square feet of retail space, making it a shopper’s paradise. 

From luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci to more affordable options like H&M and Zara, Fashion Show Mall caters to every style and budget. Additionally, the mall boasts an impressive selection of dining options ranging from quick bites to upscale restaurants, ensuring visitors can refuel while indulging in a day of shopping. 

One of the main attractions at Fashion Show Mall is its iconic fashion show runway that runs through the center of the mall. Visitors can catch live fashion shows featuring the latest trends and styles from popular brands and retailers. 

The dynamic displays add an element of excitement to the shopping experience, providing entertainment for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast looking for inspiration or simply want to witness a unique spectacle, the fashion shows at Fashion Show Mall are not to be missed. 

Apart from shopping and dining experiences, Fashion Show Mall offers various entertainment options for visitors. The mall frequently hosts events such as live music performances, art exhibitions, and interactive pop-up installations. 

Families visiting Las Vegas in 2024 can enjoy free things to do with family in Las Vegas at the Fashion Show Mall by participating in these engaging activities. Additionally, with its convenient location on the Strip, the Fashion Show Mall serves as an ideal starting point for exploring other nearby attractions such as The Mirage or Tivoli Village. 

9. Area 51

Nestled in the vast deserts of Nevada, Area 51 has long been a subject of fascination and mystery. While its primary purpose remains classified by the government, the location has captivated the imagination of conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts for decades. Situated about 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas, this highly secretive military base is shrouded in secrecy and surrounded by intrigue. 

Though access to the actual facility is restricted, visitors can drive along the Extraterrestrial Highway and marvel at the enigmatic signs warning against trespassing. Exploring the surrounding area near Area 51 offers a unique adventure for those intrigued by mysterious phenomena. 

The nearby town of Rachel serves as a hub for UFO enthusiasts, with its quirky Alien-themed businesses and annual events celebrating all things extraterrestrial. Visitors can also venture to Tikaboo Peak, a remote vantage point that provides a distant view of Area 51 from across Groom Lake. 

This vantage point offers an opportunity to gaze upon the infamous base from afar and contemplate its mysteries. For those seeking an offbeat yet unforgettable experience during their visit to Las Vegas in 2024, a detour to Area 51 is sure to satisfy curiosity and spark imaginations. 

Whether you’re interested in uncovering government secrets or simply reveling in the intrigue of one of the world’s most enigmatic locations, a journey to this clandestine military base promises an adventure like no other. Just remember to respect boundaries and regulations while exploring this enigmatic region that lies between Las Vegas and other iconic destinations like the Grand Canyon. 

10. Death Valley National Park

Nestled just a few hours away from the vibrant city of Las Vegas lies the captivating Death Valley National Park, a diverse landscape that boasts natural beauty unlike any other. This national park, known for its extreme temperatures and unique geological formations, offers visitors a glimpse into the raw power and beauty of nature. 

One of the must-see attractions within Death Valley is the mesmerizing Badwater Basin, which is renowned as the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. The vast salt flats create a surreal and otherworldly landscape that is perfect for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. 

For those seeking adventure and exploration, Death Valley National Park presents an array of hiking opportunities that cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. The famous Golden Canyon Trail offers a moderate hike through stunning golden-hued cliffs and narrow canyons, providing hikers with a sense of tranquility and wonder amidst the desert terrain. 

Additionally, visitors can embark on the challenging yet rewarding Telescope Peak Trail, which ascends to over 11,000 feet offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. These hiking trails allow guests to immerse themselves in the rugged beauty of Death Valley while experiencing firsthand the resilience of life in such harsh conditions. 

In addition to its geological marvels and hiking trails, Death Valley National Park also boasts an array of fascinating historical sites that offer insight into the region’s rich cultural past. From abandoned mining towns like Rhyolite Ghost Town to historic structures such as Scotty’s Castle, visitors can step back in time and uncover stories of perseverance and ingenuity in this unforgiving landscape. 

Exploring these historical sites not only provides a deeper understanding of Death Valley’s heritage but also highlights the human connection to this extraordinary natural environment. For families seeking both adventure and education during their visit to Las Vegas in 2024, a day trip to Death Valley National Park promises an unforgettable experience filled with wonderment and discovery. 

11. The Mirage

Nestled on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, The Mirage stands as a testament to the city’s longstanding reputation for entertainment and luxury. As one of the premier destinations in Sin City, The Mirage offers a wealth of attractions and activities that cater to visitors of all ages and interests. 

From its renowned volcano show to its impressive dolphin habitat, The Mirage promises an unforgettable experience for families looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. At The Mirage, guests can witness the awe-inspiring eruption of the volcano, a free nightly spectacle that combines fire, music, and choreography to create a mesmerizing display. 

This captivating show is a must-see for visitors seeking a taste of the city’s renowned entertainment offerings. In addition to the volcano show, families can explore Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, where they can marvel at majestic big cats and playful dolphins in an enchanting tropical setting. 

This immersive experience provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature and learn about wildlife conservation in an engaging and educational environment. For those seeking world-class entertainment, The Mirage boasts a lineup of top-tier shows and performances that cater to diverse tastes. 

From comedy acts to music concerts featuring renowned artists, there is no shortage of entertainment options at this iconic resort. Guests can also indulge in exquisite dining experiences at The Mirage’s upscale restaurants, which offer a wide range of culinary delights crafted by talented chefs. 

Whether you’re craving gourmet cuisine or casual fare, The Mirage has something for every palate. Additionally, the resort’s luxurious accommodations provide a comfortable retreat after a day of exploration and excitement on the Las Vegas Strip. 

12. Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire, located just an hour drive from Las Vegas, is a true natural wonder that offers a plethora of activities for visitors seeking outdoor adventures. This stunning state park gets its name from the vibrant red sandstone formations that appear to be on fire when illuminated by the sun’s rays. 

One of the best free things to do with family in Las Vegas, Valley of Fire provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is a paradise for hikers and nature enthusiasts, boasting several hiking trails that cater to various skill levels. 

The Fire Wave Trail is particularly popular for its mesmerizing striped sandstone formations that resemble waves frozen in time. For those looking to immerse themselves in ancient history, the Valley of Fire also features petroglyphs left behind by Native American groups centuries ago. 

These intricate rock carvings offer a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage and are a must-see for history buffs. In addition to hiking and exploring petroglyphs, visitors can also enjoy picnicking amidst breathtaking landscapes or embark on a scenic drive through the park to admire its geological wonders. 

With its otherworldly rock formations, towering red cliffs, and sweeping desert vistas, Valley of Fire provides an unforgettable experience that showcases the raw beauty of Nevada’s wilderness. This hidden gem between Las Vegas and Grand Canyon is truly a testament to nature’s artistry and serves as an ideal destination for families seeking adventure in 2024. 

13. Zion National Park

Located just a few hours away from the vibrant energy of Las Vegas, Zion National Park is a breathtaking haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This majestic park is renowned for its stunning red cliffs, deep canyons, and diverse wildlife. As one of the most visited national parks in the United States, Zion offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages. 

One of the highlights of Zion National Park is the iconic Zion Canyon, carved by the Virgin River over millions of years. Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted by the park’s extensive trail system, which includes options for both casual strolls and challenging treks. 

The famous Angel’s Landing hike offers panoramic views of the canyon but requires bravery as it involves navigating narrow paths with sheer drop-offs on both sides. For those seeking a more leisurely experience, the scenic drive through Zion Canyon provides an opportunity to marvel at towering sandstone cliffs and lush vegetation without leaving the comfort of your vehicle. 

Families can also enjoy picnicking by the river or participating in ranger-led programs to learn more about the park’s geology and history. Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply looking to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, Zion National Park offers a memorable escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. 

14. Grand Canyon

As one of the most iconic natural wonders in the United States, a visit to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is an absolute must for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Located about a four-hour drive from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon offers breathtaking views and unparalleled experiences that will leave visitors in awe. 

Whether you choose to admire the canyon’s vast expanse from a viewpoint or hike down into its depths, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy at this majestic site. One of the most popular ways to experience the Grand Canyon is by visiting the South Rim, which offers panoramic views and numerous hiking trails for all skill levels. 

For those looking for a more immersive experience, helicopter tours are available from Las Vegas that provide an aerial perspective of this natural marvel. Additionally, visitors can opt for guided tours that offer insights into the geological history and cultural significance of the Grand Canyon. 

For families visiting Las Vegas in 2024, a day trip to the Grand Canyon provides an enriching opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories. Children and adults alike will be captivated by the sheer beauty and grandeur of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

From spotting wildlife along the rim to marveling at the changing colors of the canyon walls as the sun sets, there are endless possibilities for exploration and discovery at the Grand Canyon. Traveling between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon offers its own set of unique sights and attractions along the way. 

From quirky roadside stops to historic landmarks, such as Hoover Dam and Route 66, there are plenty of opportunities to break up your journey with interesting diversions. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking to appreciate nature’s wonders, a visit to the Grand Canyon is sure to be a highlight of your time in Las Vegas in 2024. 

15. Tivoli Village

Tivoli Village in Las Vegas is a charming and upscale shopping and dining destination that offers visitors a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. This open-air lifestyle center features a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a perfect spot for strolls and casual shopping. 

With its European-inspired architecture and beautifully landscaped surroundings, Tivoli Village provides a relaxing atmosphere that contrasts with the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. One of the highlights of Tivoli Village is its diverse dining scene, offering everything from gourmet cuisine to casual fare. 

Visitors can indulge in delicious meals at trendy restaurants or enjoy al fresco dining on charming patios. The culinary offerings at Tivoli Village cater to every taste bud, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Whether you’re craving international flavors or local specialties, Tivoli Village’s dining options are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. In addition to shopping and dining, Tivoli Village also hosts special events throughout the year, including festivals, art shows, and live music performances. 

These events add an extra layer of excitement to the already vibrant atmosphere of the village, giving visitors even more reasons to visit. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with family or friends or simply want to explore a different side of Las Vegas away from the famous Strip, Tivoli Village offers a unique blend of entertainment options that are sure to captivate all who visit in 2024. 

16. Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay, a luxurious resort and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip, offers visitors a wide array of entertainment options that cater to various interests. One of the standout attractions at Mandalay Bay is the Shark Reef Aquarium, a fascinating underwater world showcasing over 2,000 animals, including sharks, unfamiliar fish, and endangered sea turtles. Visitors can stroll through the 14 exhibits that feature different marine habitats, providing an educational and immersive experience for families looking for things to do in Las Vegas in 2024. 

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation during their visit to Mandalay Bay, the resort’s spa offers a serene oasis where guests can indulge in a range of pampering treatments. From massages to facials to body wraps, the spa provides a perfect retreat from the bustling energy of Las Vegas. 

Additionally, Mandalay Bay boasts a sprawling pool complex complete with sandy beaches and lazy river rides for guests to unwind under the sun. Families can enjoy quality time together by lounging poolside or taking a refreshing dip in one of the pools while taking advantage of free family things to do in Las Vegas. 

Furthermore, Mandalay Bay is home to world-class dining establishments that cater to every palate. Whether craving fine dining cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs or seeking casual eateries with diverse menus, visitors will find an abundance of culinary options at this iconic resort. 

After enjoying a delicious meal, guests can explore the vibrant nightlife scene at Mandalay Bay’s clubs and bars or catch one of the live performances scheduled throughout the year. With its blend of entertainment choices and upscale amenities, Mandalay Bay remains a top destination for travelers seeking memorable experiences in Las Vegas. 

17. Lake Mead

Situated just a short drive from Las Vegas, Lake Mead is a captivating destination offering a wide array of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. As the largest reservoir in the United States, Lake Mead provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. 

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of this area is by embarking on a leisurely boat ride along the serene waters of the lake. With its crystal-clear blue waters contrasting against the surrounding desert landscape, Lake Mead offers a picturesque setting where visitors can relax and unwind. 

For those seeking adventure, Lake Mead is also an ideal spot for water sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing. The calm waters of the lake provide the perfect conditions for water-based activities, making it an excellent choice for families looking to have some fun in the sun. 

Additionally, fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse range of fish species that inhabit the lake, including largemouth bass, striped bass, and catfish. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just trying your hand at fishing for the first time, Lake Mead offers ample opportunities to reel in your catch of the day. 

Aside from its recreational offerings, Lake Mead is also home to several hiking trails that cater to all skill levels. From easy strolls along scenic paths to more challenging treks through rugged terrain, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while exploring this natural wonderland. 

Birdwatchers will delight in spotting various avian species that call Lake Mead home, adding an element of wildlife appreciation to any visit. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat into nature or seeking thrilling outdoor adventures with family and friends, Lake Mead promises an unforgettable experience that showcases the diverse beauty of Nevada’s landscape.

Exploring Iconic Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas, often referred to as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is a city brimming with iconic attractions that cater to a diverse range of interests and preferences. From world-renowned hotels and casinos to captivating shows and exhibitions, there is no shortage of things to see and experience in this vibrant desert oasis.

One of the must-visit attractions in Las Vegas is the famous Las Vegas Strip, a bustling thoroughfare lined with extravagant resorts, dazzling lights, and an endless array of entertainment options. Taking a stroll along the Strip allows visitors to soak in the glitz and glamour of this legendary destination.

For those seeking a taste of old-school Vegas charm, Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas offers a refreshing contrast to the modern opulence of the Strip. Home to vintage casinos, street performers, and historic landmarks like the Neon Museum, Fremont Street provides a nostalgic glimpse into the city’s colorful past.

Visitors can also witness the mesmerizing light show known as the Fremont Street Experience, where an overhead canopy comes alive with dazzling visuals and music after sunset. Beyond the bustling urban landscape lies Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, a natural oasis just a short drive from Las Vegas.

Outdoor enthusiasts can embark on scenic hikes amidst towering red sandstone cliffs, spot unique desert flora and fauna, or simply savor moments of tranquility away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Red Rock Canyon offers a perfect retreat for nature lovers looking to escape into breathtaking landscapes without straying too far from Las Vegas’ bright lights.

Unforgettable Adventures Beyond the Strip

Las Vegas, known for its dazzling lights and bustling casinos along the iconic Strip, offers a plethora of unforgettable adventures beyond the glitzy confines of this world-famous boulevard. For those seeking a break from the neon glow of the city, there are plenty of hidden gems and exciting activities awaiting exploration.

One such option is to embark on a scenic road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, where travelers can witness the breathtaking beauty of nature unfold before their eyes. Along the way, there are numerous things to see between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, including stunning desert landscapes, quaint towns, and historic landmarks that showcase the rich tapestry of the American Southwest.

Families visiting Las Vegas in 2024 will be delighted to discover a wealth of free things to do that cater to all ages. From interactive museums to outdoor parks and cultural attractions, there is no shortage of family-friendly activities in Sin City.

For a fun-filled day out with loved ones, consider exploring colorful street art installations in downtown Las Vegas or taking a stroll through vibrant botanical gardens. Additionally, many hotels and resorts offer complimentary entertainment options such as live music performances or poolside movie screenings, ensuring that families can create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

In addition to its world-renowned casinos and entertainment venues, Las Vegas boasts a diverse array of attractions that appeal to visitors seeking unique experiences off the beaten path. Travelers looking for adventure can opt for thrilling outdoor excursions near Las Vegas, such as hiking in Red Rock Canyon or taking a helicopter tour over Hoover Dam.

For those interested in immersing themselves in local culture and history, exploring nearby museums and art galleries provides valuable insights into the vibrant tapestry of Las Vegas. Whether it’s uncovering hidden gems in lesser-known neighborhoods or attending community events showcasing local talent, there is no shortage of enriching experiences awaiting curious explorers in this dynamic city.

Immersing Yourself in Las Vegas Culture and Museums

Immersing Yourself in Las Vegas Culture and Museums Las Vegas is not only known for its dazzling lights and glamorous casinos but also for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene.

Immerse yourself in the city’s culture by visiting the array of museums that showcase both its history and contemporary art. The Neon Museum, located near downtown, offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s iconic neon signs that once adorned the famous Strip.

Take a guided tour through this outdoor exhibition space, where you can marvel at restored neon signs from old casinos like the Stardust and Sahara. It’s a nostalgic journey through Las Vegas’ past that shouldn’t be missed.

For those with a penchant for art, a visit to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is a must. Located within the luxurious Bellagio Hotel, this gallery features rotating exhibits of renowned artists from around the world.

Step into a world of creativity and inspiration as you admire paintings, sculptures, and other captivating works of art. The gallery provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip, allowing visitors to appreciate beauty in a more contemplative setting.

To delve deeper into Las Vegas’ cultural tapestry, consider exploring The Mob Museum downtown. Housed in a historic former federal courthouse, this museum offers an intriguing look into organized crime’s impact on American society.

Engage with interactive exhibits that detail famous mobsters’ lives and law enforcement efforts to combat organized crime. From Prohibition-era bootlegging to modern-day criminal enterprises, The Mob Museum provides an immersive experience that sheds light on an often overlooked aspect of American history.

Indulging in Culinary Delights: The Best Restaurants and Dining Experiences

When it comes to indulging in culinary delights in Las Vegas, the city boasts a plethora of world-class restaurants and dining experiences that cater to every palate. From celebrity chef-driven establishments to hidden gems off the Strip, Las Vegas offers a diverse array of options for food lovers.

For those seeking an upscale dining experience, venues like Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand and Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace are renowned for their exquisite French cuisine and impeccable service. These establishments provide an opportunity to savor meticulously crafted dishes in elegant surroundings that epitomize luxury dining.

On the other end of the spectrum, Las Vegas also embraces its casual dining scene with equal enthusiasm. The city is home to numerous eateries that offer delicious comfort food in a laid-back atmosphere.

Locals and tourists alike flock to spots like Hash House A Go Go for their oversized portions of hearty breakfast fare or Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan for late-night slices of New York-style pizza. These establishments provide a taste of the diverse culinary landscape that defines Las Vegas as a destination where every craving can be satisfied.

For those looking to embark on a gastronomic adventure, exploring the vibrant food halls and markets in Las Vegas can be an enriching experience. Places like The Cosmopolitan’s Block 16 Urban Food Hall and Eataly at Park MGM showcase a variety of cuisines under one roof, allowing visitors to sample different flavors from around the world in a lively setting.

Additionally, food tours that highlight local favorites and hidden gems offer a unique way to discover the city’s culinary scene beyond the glitz and glamour of the Strip. Whether you’re craving international flavors or classic American dishes, Las Vegas has something for every palate, making it a paradise for food enthusiasts seeking memorable dining experiences.

Experiencing the Vibrant Nightlife of Sin City

As the sun sets over the desert landscape, Las Vegas truly comes alive with its vibrant nightlife scene. From world-renowned clubs to intimate lounges, there is no shortage of options for those seeking an unforgettable evening in Sin City. One of the must-do things in Las Vegas is to experience the pulsating energy of the nightclubs along the Strip.

Dance the night away to top DJs, enjoy signature cocktails, and mingle with a diverse crowd of partygoers from around the globe. Venues like Omnia at Caesars Palace and XS at Encore are perennial favorites that promise an electrifying night out.

For those looking for a more laid-back yet equally captivating experience, exploring the enchanting world of Las Vegas lounges is a must. From sophisticated speakeasies to chic rooftop bars, there is something to suit every taste.

Step into The Dorsey at The Venetian for expertly crafted cocktails in a stylish setting or elevate your evening at SkyBar 38 with panoramic views of the glittering city below. These intimate settings offer a chance to savor artisanal drinks and engage in conversations while soaking up the city’s unique ambiance.

Beyond just clubs and lounges, Las Vegas offers a plethora of entertainment options that cater to every preference. For those seeking a touch of glamour and spectacle, catching one of the world-class shows along the Strip is an absolute must-do in Las Vegas.

Whether it’s a dazzling Cirque du Soleil performance or a headlining act by a music icon, there’s no shortage of talent gracing stages across this entertainment capital. Indulge in mesmerizing performances that combine artistry, technology, and storytelling for an unforgettable night out on the town.

Family-Friendly Fun: Activities for Kids and Parents Alike

Las Vegas is often associated with its vibrant nightlife and bustling casinos, but the city also offers a myriad of family-friendly activities that cater to both kids and parents alike. For families looking to enjoy a day of fun and adventure together, there are plenty of options to explore in Las Vegas in 2024. One of the top family things to do in Las Vegas in 2024 is to visit the iconic Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.

This immersive underwater world allows visitors to get up close and personal with over 2,000 animals, including sharks, rays, sea turtles, and more. Kids will be thrilled to walk through the 1.3 million-gallon shipwreck exhibit and marvel at the diverse marine life on display.

For families looking for a bit of outdoor adventure near Las Vegas, a visit to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a must. Just a short drive from the city, this stunning natural wonder offers hiking trails suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Families can embark on scenic drives, picnic amidst the breathtaking red rock formations, or even try their hand at rock climbing under the guidance of experienced instructors. In addition to these paid attractions, there are also plenty of free things to do with family in Las Vegas that provide entertainment without breaking the bank.

The iconic Fountains of Bellagio offer captivating water shows set to music that will mesmerize visitors of all ages. Families can also take a stroll through the picturesque Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens or watch street performers along the bustling Las Vegas Strip for some impromptu entertainment.

Thrilling Outdoor Escapes: From Red Rock Canyon to Hoover Dam

Nestled just a short drive away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon stands as a serene oasis for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This stunning conservation area boasts towering red rock formations, scenic hiking trails, and panoramic views that will leave visitors in awe of its natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll among the desert flora or a challenging hike up one of its rugged peaks, Red Rock Canyon offers an array of outdoor activities to suit every preference.

For those craving adventure, rock climbing opportunities abound on the canyon’s sheer cliffs, providing an exhilarating way to experience the unique geology of the region. On the other hand, Hoover Dam presents a stark contrast to the natural splendor of Red Rock Canyon with its impressive feat of engineering and monumental scale.

A marvel of modern construction, this iconic dam straddles the mighty Colorado River and serves as a testament to human ingenuity in harnessing nature’s power. Visitors can embark on guided tours that delve into the history and significance of Hoover Dam, offering insights into its construction during the Great Depression and its role in providing water and electricity to millions in the Southwest.

The panoramic views from atop the dam offer a breathtaking glimpse into its vast reservoir, Lake Mead, stretching out amidst the desert landscape. For those looking to explore further beyond Las Vegas city limits,a road trip to Hoover Dam via scenic routes such as Historic Route 66 provides an opportunity for unforgettable sights along the way.

Travelers can marvel at quirky roadside attractions like alien-themed cafes or vintage diners nestled between majestic desert vistas—a journey that encapsulates the eclectic charm of America’s Southwest. Additionally, exploring nearby attractions like Lake Mead National Recreation Area offers water-based activities such as boating or kayaking against a backdrop of rugged canyons and endless horizons—a perfect complement to your Las Vegas adventure in 2024.

Unique and Quirky Experiences Off the Beaten Path

Venturing off the bustling Las Vegas Strip unveils a treasure trove of unique and quirky experiences that promise to delight adventurous travelers seeking something beyond the typical tourist attractions. One such hidden gem is the Neon Museum, a captivating outdoor exhibition showcasing iconic neon signs from old hotels and casinos.

As you wander through this neon wonderland, you’ll be transported back in time to a bygone era of glitz and glamour, making it a must-visit for history buffs and photography enthusiasts alike. For a truly unconventional experience, consider visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame, where vintage pinball machines line the walls, offering visitors a chance to step into the nostalgic world of arcade gaming.

With rows upon rows of lovingly restored machines spanning decades of pinball history, this quirky attraction is sure to bring out your inner child and provide hours of entertainment for both young and old alike. Best of all, entry to the Pinball Hall of Fame is free, making it an ideal budget-friendly option for families looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas.

If you’re craving a dose of nature amidst the desert landscape, venture just outside Las Vegas to explore the captivating beauty of the Seven Magic Mountains. This vibrant art installation features towering stacks of colorful boulders rising from the desert floor, creating a striking contrast against the natural surroundings.

As you wander among these towering sculptures created by renowned artist Ugo Rondinone, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities that perfectly capture the essence of modern art meeting nature’s grandeur. Seven Magic Mountains offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle while providing an unforgettable visual experience that will leave you mesmerized.

Budget-Friendly and Free Attractions for Every Visitor

Las Vegas, known for its glitz and glamour, also offers a plethora of budget-friendly and free attractions that cater to every visitor’s interests. For families visiting Sin City in 2024, there are plenty of options to explore without breaking the bank. One such attraction is the iconic Fountains of Bellagio.

This mesmerizing water show set to music and lights is a must-see for visitors of all ages. Catching a glimpse of the fountains is not only free but also provides a captivating experience that showcases the artistic side of Las Vegas.

Another fantastic budget-friendly option for families in Las Vegas is the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo. This serene oasis in the heart of the Strip offers visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in nature.

Home to flamingos, swans, ducks, koi fish, and more, this hidden gem provides a peaceful setting for families to enjoy together without spending a dime. Strolling through the lush gardens and watching the vibrant wildlife can be both educational and entertaining for children and adults alike.

For those looking to add an educational twist to their Las Vegas itinerary without spending any money, visiting The Neon Museum’s outdoor exhibition known as “The Boneyard” is an excellent choice. This collection of iconic neon signs from old casinos and businesses offers a fascinating glimpse into Las Vegas’ rich history.

Exploring these vintage signs under the desert sun provides a unique opportunity to learn about the city’s evolution while capturing Instagram-worthy photos. The Neon Museum’s Boneyard stands as a testament to Las Vegas’s ever-changing identity, making it an essential stop for anyone seeking free things to do with family in Las Vegas.

Insider Tips and Recommendations for a Memorable Vegas Experience

As you plan your visit to Las Vegas in 2024, it’s essential to consider insider tips and recommendations that can enhance your experience in this vibrant city. One of the best ways to explore Las Vegas is by taking advantage of the many free things to do with family in the area.

Consider visiting the iconic Fountains of Bellagio, where you can witness a breathtaking water show set to music every 30 minutes in the evenings. Another must-visit spot is the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, where you can capture memorable photos with your loved ones without spending a dime.

For those looking to venture beyond the bustling Strip, there are plenty of exciting things to see near Las Vegas. Just a short drive away lies Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, a stunning natural playground offering hiking trails, rock climbing opportunities, and awe-inspiring scenic drives.

If you’re up for a longer excursion, consider a day trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Marvel at one of the world’s most majestic natural wonders and create unforgettable memories with your family against the backdrop of unparalleled beauty.

As you journey between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, be sure to make pit stops at some intriguing sights along the way. Explore quirky roadside attractions like Seven Magic Mountains—a colorful art installation featuring towering stacked boulders in an otherworldly desert landscape.

Additionally, consider visiting Hoover Dam for a fascinating glimpse into engineering marvels and panoramic views of Lake Mead. Embrace the spirit of adventure during your travels and seize every opportunity to discover hidden gems that enrich your experience in this dynamic region.


Las Vegas in 2024 offers an unparalleled blend of entertainment, culture, and excitement for visitors of all ages. From the glittering lights of the Strip to the natural wonders that surround the city, there is no shortage of experiences waiting to be explored.

Whether you are seeking world-class dining options, thrilling outdoor adventures, or family-friendly activities, Las Vegas has something for everyone. By immersing yourself in the vibrant nightlife scene or embarking on a journey through the city’s museums and cultural landmarks, you can truly make the most of your time in this dynamic destination.

As you reflect on your time in Las Vegas and all the incredible things you’ve seen and done, remember that this city is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Looking ahead to future visits, keep an eye out for new attractions and experiences that will surely captivate your imagination.

Consider exploring nearby areas like Red Rock Canyon or making a day trip to the Grand Canyon – there are countless opportunities for adventure just beyond Las Vegas’ borders. In closing, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler returning to Las Vegas once again, let the spirit of excitement and possibility guide your explorations.

Embrace the unique blend of glitz and glamour with the natural beauty that defines this iconic city. As you depart this dazzling oasis in the desert, carry with you memories of unforgettable moments shared with loved ones and a sense of anticipation for all the adventures that still await in Las Vegas and beyond.

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